Honeycomb Chunk Honey

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Black Sage, Purple Sage, Mixed wildflowers
Coastal Range -- San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara
Spring 2021
Family Farmed, Cold extracted, Unprocessed
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Honeycomb Chunk Honey (RAW, UNHEATED, UNFILTERED) 1-lb Glass Jar 

Natural honey comb chunk submerged inside of a jar of spring wildflower honey.

Fun in a jar!  Re-live childhood memories!  Honeycomb is made of natural beeswax and you can chew it like gum.  Our comb honey is produced by the bees naturally in foundationless frames.  Contains no artificial wax.  Each piece is totally unique in shape and the honey within the comb tastes unuiqe, since it is a micro-batch from one frame inside one hive.

Shipping:  $11.99 total shipping charge for an order of 1-3 jars.  4-6 jars will be $18.99 total shipping.  Larger orders will increase shipping incrementally.  If a jar breaks in transit, email or text us a photo and we will ship a replacement free of charge!