Wildflower Honey

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Tree Fruit Blossom, Mixed wildflowers, Ornamental landscapes, Eucalyptus
Coastal California -- San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara
Spring - Summer 2022
Family Farmed, Cold extracted, Unprocessed
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Wildflower Honey (RAW, UNHEATED, UNFILTERED) 1-lb Glass Jar

Fruity and Complex!  This honey is the 2022 spring and summer crop harvested from Jeremy's coastal apiaries.  The nectar slowly trickled in from an immense variety of flowers, including but not limited to fruit trees, thistles, wild shrubs, eucalyptus, tarweed, and ornamental landscape plants. 

Flavor profile is complex and deeply fruity with little hints of salted caramel and butterscotch.

This honey will naturally crystallize.  Crystallized honey is great for spreading on toast, and a spoonful will easily dissolve in hot tea.  To uncrystallize the honey, put the whole jar with lid on in a pot of very hot water for 15-20 minutes.

Price break: 3 jars for $12.99 each. We can fit 3 jars in a flat rate box, which is the most efficient way for us to ship.

Shipping:  $11.99 total shipping charge for an order of 1-3 jars.  4-6 jars will be $18.99 total shipping.  Larger orders will increase shipping incrementally.  If a jar breaks in transit, email or text us a photo and we will ship a replacement free of charge!