Raw Pure Honey

Pure raw honey from Jeremy's hives, hand harvested and cold extracted.  

  • Raw unheated unfiltered wildflower sage honey

    Sage Honey

    Sage Honey (RAW, UNHEATED, UNFILTERED) 1-lb Glass Jar  This is our number one product.  The best all-purpose honey.  Tastes light and fruity. Pairs flawlessly with all food and beverages.  Family-farmed from Jeremy's apiaries on the...

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  • Honeycomb Chunk Honey

    Honeycomb Chunk Honey

    SOLD OUT UNTIL SUMMER 2022 Honeycomb Chunk Honey (RAW, UNHEATED, UNFILTERED) 1-lb Glass Jar  Natural honey comb chunk submerged inside of a jar of spring wildflower honey. Fun in a jar!  Re-live childhood memories!  Honeycomb is made of...

  • Artichoke blossom honey

    Artichoke Blossom Honey

    Artichoke Blossom Honey (RAW, UNHEATED, UNFILTERED) 1-lb Glass Jar  We absolutely love the unique and unlimited variety of honey types that we can produce with our bees at unusual places!  Artichoke thistle honey demonstrates what is...

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  • Wildflower Honey

    Wildflower Honey

    Wildflower Honey (RAW, UNHEATED, UNFILTERED) 1-lb Glass Jar Fruity and Complex!  This honey is the 2020 spring and summer crop harvested from Jeremy's coastal apiaries.  In 2020, we had no early rain but eventually had good late spring rains...

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