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4-Frame Nuc - Live Bees - MID SPRING 2021

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Available ONLY for evening Pick-Up in San Luis Obispo / Santa Maria, CA.  NUCS WILL NOT BE SHIPPED.

Pre-order for Mid - Spring 2021 pick up in San Luis Obispo / Santa Maria, CA.  (Date will be approximately May 1 - Early June, 2021. Date will be arranged after your order) 

4-Frame nuc contains 4 STANDARD DEEP frames of bees and a new queen in a waxed corrugated 5-frame nuc box with an internal feeder. The queens are raised by our queen production specialist from our own breeder hives, and will be selected daughters from the best colonies.  Mother stocks for the queens are Russian, Caucasian, and Italian.

Spring orders will will be released in batches based on how early the order was placed.  The early orders will be available first.  There is a limited supply of spring nucs.  Jeremy Rose will contact you a couple weeks in advance with the time and place to pick up the bees.

It is important that you have more than one bee colony, since frames from one can be used to restore or correct problems with other hives.  I strongly recommend that you order at least two nucs unless you have other hives already.

Price Breaks:
1 nuc @ $170 each
2 -10 nucs @ $160 each

No refunds on live-bee orders.  Once they are in your possession you are responsible for keeping them healthy, gentle, and productive.