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2017 Queen Price is $37
The California Bee Company produces mated queens for sale March through May. Because of high local demand you need to come here to pick up your queens.

To order queens email Jeremy Rose at

2016 Pricing: $37

Our breeding program:
1. Brood viability / Solid brood pattern with VSH mite resistance: Hives should have a solid capped brood pattern, and any open cells should be present because the bees are removing pupae that have been parasitized by Varroa mites. Since we only use natural soft miticides to kill Varroa, we are able to closely monitor which hives remain strong during periods of high mite pressure.

2. Strong buildup: Hives should have 6 to 12 or more frames of bees by February 15th so that they can pollinate commercial almond orchards.

3. No brood disease: All breeder hives must be free of American foulbrood, European foulbrood, and chalkbrood.

4. Productivity: Hives must be capable of high honey production, while remaining gentle and slow to swarm. We also tolerate propolis production, as recent studies have shown that bees living in hives coated with propolis may need to spend less energy on their immune responses, making them more productive.

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