Available April - September (Supply Limited - Order EARLY)

To Order: Call 805-540-4502 or email Jeremy
Order starting January 2017. Payment in full is required to reserve bees. CASH CHECK OR CREDIT CARD

Pickup in San Luis Obispo, 4/22, 4/29, 5/6 are the earliest available pick up dates dependent on weather.

4-Frame Nuc: $160 each for 1-5. $150 for 5-10. $140 for 11-40.

A Nuc is a starter bee hive that contains a bees, brood, pollen, and nectar.
Install into an empty bee hive.
Includes a new queen bred from my local overwintered breeder Queens.
Standard deep frames, waxed cardboard 5-frame nuc box. 4 frames of bees, plus either a feeder or an extra frame depending on the nectar flow.

Single Box Hive: $250 each for 1-9. $240 for 10 or more.
Single box hive with a Nuc and new queen.
4-Frame Nuc, 10 frame Box, Frames, Lid and Bottom Board!

Mated Queens
See the Queen Webpage for information about ordering queen bees.

Hobbiests and beginners:
We strongly recommend new beekeepers start with AT LEAST two hives! We will be offering several beekeeping training sessions at our apiary where you will learn the basics. Please email to sign up for a class. Time and cost TBA.

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