Hands-On Beekeeping Classes 2017
July 8, August 12

Topics Covered:

  • Specific information about keeping bees on the California coast
  • Techniques for approaching the apiary and opening hives
  • Handling techniques for frames of honeycomb covered with bees
  • Examining the sustenance of the hive: honey, pollen, and brood
  • How to find the queen bee
  • Visual identification of the Varroa mite, and identification of hive problems and diseases
  • Complete open forum for any and all questions

Presented by the California Bee Company at See Canyon Fruit Ranch
This is the hands-on beekeeping class! The host and teacher will be Jeremy Rose, commercial beekeeper and author of Beekeeping in Coastal California. We will sell the book for a discounted price at the class. Jeremy has spent the last ten years learning how to keep bees successfully and naturally despite today’s challenges to the health of honeybees. The goal for this class is to give attendees the knowledge and confidence you need to understand bees, and even to successfully care for your own hives. The class will be relatively unstructured and presented as an open forum, and we will cover whatever topics the attendees are most interested in. It is a fun event for kids and adults, and you will be amazed at the gentleness and complexity of the hives. We will talk about and observe the beekeeping basics, including handling frames of bees and finding the queen. We will delve into more advanced topics in an effort to answer questions.

Three Identical Classes:
June 3, 2017 9am - 12pm
July 8, 2017 9am - 12pm
August 12, 2017 9am - 12pm

Apiary located at See Canyon Fruit Ranch San Luis Obispo, CA

$40 per person and as many good questions as you can bring with you! For reservations, contact Jeremy Rose 805-540-4502 (text preferred) or

We will provide protective veils for all attendees. If you already have a veil then please bring it so that our veils can be provided to others. Attendees must not be allergic to honeybee stings (each attendee will also have to sign a liability waiver). We only keep gentle bee hives, but even gentle bees will still sting occasionally. A few stings are a part of beekeeping. Most beekeepers become immune to the inflammatory effects of bee venom after about a year of beekeeping. Attendees must wear suitable clothing, consisting of light or white colored long sleeve shirt, and blue jeans or other protective pants. Do not wear open-toed shoes! Bring water to drink as the weather can be hot at the apiary. Bring a picnic lunch and we will have a nice relaxing meal together in the orchard after the class.

There are only 20 openings per class.
Phone: 805 540-4502

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