The California Bee Company exists to exemplify the ideal of Pursuing Pure Flavorâ„¢. Jeremy Rose, owner and beekeeper, operates approximately 800 healthy bee hives using natural management methods. By using some of the most pristine locations in coastal California, Jeremy's bees produce small lots of the most amazing raw, unprocessed, pure honey. The California Bee Company also strives to encourage small-scale beekeeping, and in 2010 published Jeremy's book Beekeeping in Coastal California, a concise reference that describes beekeeping methods as well as the flowers used by honey bees in this unique area of the world.

Jeremy Rose, owner of The California Bee Company, showing off a frame of gentle bees.

We sell many varietals of raw unfiltered local honey, beeswax, pollen and propolis at local farmers markets and independent stores. All of our products come straight from the hives, and do not undergo any processing. We produce local honey in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Santa Clara counties. By purchasing our products, you are encouraging responsible and sustainable beekeeping.

The California Bee Company also offers professional services with the same attention to detail and quality that go into our products. These services include Apicultural Consulting and Training, raising Queen Bees and Bee Hives for sale to other beekeepers, and Crop Pollination Services.

The California Bee Company was created in 2005 by two Cal Poly students as an inspired hobby. Today, Jeremy's goal is for The California Bee Company to provide the finest quality honey and bee products in California and the world, without compromise. As Jeremy says when describing the small lots of raw honey that we harvest, "This is the only honey I will eat! And this is why I go to all of this trouble."

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