4-Frame Nuc (Live Bees) May 12 Pick-Up Only

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Available ONLY for evening Pick-Up in San Luis Obispo.

Currently Accepting orders for Saturday May 12, 2018 pick up in San Luis Obispo, CA.  (Date subject to change depending on spring weather)

4-Frame nuc contains 4 standard deep frames of bees and a new queen in a waxed corrugated 5-frame nuc box, with either a feeder or extra frame depending on the spring weather. The queens are raised by me, and will be selected daughters from the best overwintered colonies. 

After your order you may contact me for an update on the exact pick-up date, otherwise I will be in touch with you at least a week prior to organize the exact details for where we will meet for you to pick up your bees.  If you can't make it to the main pick-up date/time we will make arrangements for another time that works for you.

It is important that you have more than one bee colony, since frames from one can be used to restore or correct problems with other hives.  I strongly recommend that you order at least two nucs unless you have other hives already.

Price Breaks:
1-4 nucs @ $160 each
5-10 nucs @ $150 each
11+ nucs @ $140 each (Please text me at 805-540-4502 to arrange for orders of more than 10)

No refunds on live-bee orders.  If you do not pick up the bees you paid for we will gladly keep them.